About Demand Side Management, You Need To Know

demand side management
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In this technological world, energy plays a vital role in accomplishing any task. Therefore, the management of energy is very crucial. For this purpose, the phenomenon of demand side management has come into existence. Without understanding it, any industry cannot get successful in energy consumption.

Are you willing to know about DSM? If yes, you do not require to look further. In this piece of writing, we will endeavor a comprehensive knowledge of this subject matter. So carry on reading without involving any distraction.

What is the demand side management in BESS?

To manage and optimize energy consumption for a particular site, a list of actions is designed along with battery energy storage systems known as demand-side management. Several techniques exist that rely on the manual operating system of BEES.

Why is demand side management important?

Demand-side management is an essential concept in any industry. By using demand side management techniques, and industry gets a lot of advantages. You can get an idea about the importance through the benefits of demand side management, which are given below.

  • These days, the population is increasing tremendously. For fulfilling the needs of the growing number of people, it is the best technique to acquire.
  • It is used to prevent over-reliant on the grid from one source only.
  • It plays a crucial role in maintaining a good balance between demand and supply.
  • It is an affordable source of energy as compared to other processes.
  • This management system also helps achieve a better environment because it prefers to use renewable energy resources.
  • Whether you are facing adverse effects of power cuts or rising charges of electric grids, DSM is an effective technique to control all.

What are the types of management?

It is an admitted fact that the necessities of every region vary. For instance, the energy consumption of the home is less. On the other hand, commercial areas require an enormous amount of energy. Based on requirements, types of management have come into existence. Look at four significant categories of it.

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Dynamic Demand
  • Distributed Energy Resources

You can acquire any of the above types according to your industrial needs. Firstly, you have to do a deep analysis of energy consumption in a particular area. After this step, you can choose wind, photovoltaic, battery energy storage systems, or cogeneration systems.

How do you manage demand on a smart grid network?

The demand management on a smart grid network is straightforward. You have two choices to adopt. Take a look at both of them.

First of all, increase the size of a specified site. Alongside it, dimensions of the network should also increase, which are very expensive and need more time to implement.

Second, try to utilize energy management in peak hours to decrease the possibility of high peak demand.

If you have understood everything about the demand side management system, the next step is to buy products for its implementation. For this purpose, you must choose Andan Power as a potential supplier to provide system solutions.



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