Uhome-LFP 5000 Energy Storage Battery

Key Features

  • Assemblly freely in series or parallel
  • Up to 8S8P(614.4V362.4kWh)
  • High energy efficiency
  • Energy efficiency(charge and discharge)>97%
  • High Rate Charge & Discharge
  • Max charge current 30A,Max discharge current 40A
  • More Safety
  • Dual hardware & Triple software protection
  • Safe and Reliable BMS
  • Relay design instead of mosfet
  • Long Life
  • Reliable LFP cells,Cycle life >6000 cycles
  • High Reliability
  • Key devices(Relay,Fuse) approved by UL and IEC
  • More Smart
  • With digital monitor system App with WIFI
  • Smart Design & Easy installation
  • Plug in & off
  • More Quiet
  • Without fan,more quiet and reduce the risk of fan failure

Product Video

Uhome-LFP 5000 Energy Storage Battery

Total Energy*5kWh2.4kWh2.5kWh2.56kWh
Usable Energy(DC)*4.6kWh2.2kWh2.2kWh2.2kWh
Nominal Dis-/Charge Power3.0kW1.5kW1.5kW1.5kW
Peak Power(Only Discharge)6kWh for 3 seconds6kWh for 3 seconds6kWh for 3 seconds6kWh for 3 seconds
Constant Current(Only Discharge)80A40A40A20A
Nominal Voltage51.2Vd.c51.2Vd.c51.2Vd.c102.4Vd.c
Nominal Current60A30A30A15A
Max. Charge Voltage57.6Vd.c54.0Vd.c57.6Vd.c115.2Vd.c
Max.recommended DOD0.9
Operating ConditionIndoor
OperatingChargeFrom 0~45℃
TemperatureDischargeFrom -10~55℃
WIFI Frequency Range2400MHz~2483MHz
Humidity<60%(No condensed water)
Pollution Degree3
Over Voltage CategoryII
Cooling TypeNatural cooling
Case MaterialMetal
ColorBlack or White
InstallationWll mounting/Ground Installation
IP ratingIP 20
Protective ClassI
Max. Connection Number8S/4P8S/8P8S/8P6S
Warranty10 years
Life Span>15 years
CommunicationCAN/ RS485
Protection ModeDual hardware protection
Battery ProtectionOver-current/Over-voltage/Short circuit/ Under-voltage/Over temperature
Cell UL 1973Cell UL 1973Cell TUVCell TUV
Hazardous Material Classification9
TransportationUN 38.3
Testing conditions based on temperature 25℃ at the beginning of life.
*Total Energy/Usable Energy measured under specific conditions from AOBOET 0.2C CC-CV

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