Uhome LFP Box Battery

Key Features

  • Digital monitoring system APP
  • High inverter compatibility
  • Reliable LFP cells
  • CANbus standard connection
  • Natural cooling system
  • Scalable up to 20-40kWh(4 Parallel)
  • 10 Years limited warranty
  • IP65

Product Video

Uhome LFP Box Battery

Battery Model   LFP 5KLFP 6 KLFP 7.5KLFP 10K
Total Energy5.12KWh6.1kWh7.68kWh10.24KWh
Nominal charge/discharge power2.4KW2.75KW3.6KW4.8KW
Peak power(only discharging)6KW for 3S7KW for 3S9KW for 3S12KW for 3S
Peak current(only discharging)100A146A130A160A
Nominal Voltage51.2VDC48VDC51.2VDC51.2VDC
Nominal current50A57A90A120A
Max charging voltage54V54V57.6V57.6V
Operating Conditionindoor or outdoor
Operating TempretureCharge: 0̊℃ to 45 ℃ Discharge: -10̊℃ to 55 ℃
Cooling TypeNatural cooling
Case materialMetal + Plastic
InstallationFree standing / Wall mounting
Protection gradeIP64
Max number of parallel connection16
Warranty5 + 5 Years
Life Span>15 Years(Daily cycle)
Protection modeTriple hardware protection
Battery protectionOver-current / Over-voltage/Short circuit/Low voltage/
SafetyBattery Cell:UL 1973
Battery Pack:TUV (IEC62619(IEC 62040) / CE
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