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Advantages Of Andan Hybrid Inverter

Energy Storage System Design

The Structure of Our Inverter

structure of andanpower
structure of andanpower

How Our Hybrid Inverter Work




About Our Inverter Management System- EMS

EMS energy management system is a set of energy storage management system developed by McGregor based on multi-variable constraints and in-depth learning mechanism. Through the analysis of system capacity and load demand, the optimal real-time charging and discharging strategy is configured under the condition of maintaining high efficiency of the system, the system can effectively regulated and monitor energy, and alarm and trace equipment failure.

  • Standard power dispatching interface, supporting multiple communication protocols;
  • More comprehensive and detailed data monitoring;
  • Retrospective analysis of 5-year historical data;
  • Operation monitoring data include all kinds of switches, contactor status swing, PCS system operation data, battery operation data, etc.
  • Humanized operation interface, simple and convenient management, easy to operate. Supporting mobile app and remote operation functions.
energy storage app
energy storage ems systen

Scope Of Application

  • Energy control of microgrid system
  • Energy control of peak-shaving commerce
  • Energy control of optical storage and charging system
  • Energy control of multi-energy complementary system
  • Frequency and peak modulation energy control
Dispatch Manager

Dispatch Manager

  • C omplete communication interface, 6 RS485, 2RS232, 2 Ethernet, support WIFI/4G/CAN customizable
  • Running Linux operating system, perfect equipment debugging software, convenient and flexible equipment success
  • Rich and prominent software functions: embedded WEB, built-in database, data cloud platform, mobile phone access
  • Support 8DI 4DO, support local parameter setting


BR6216 dispatch manager is a frame embedded computer based on industrial Cortex-A8 processor with 600MHz main frequency RISC architecture. It supports two 10/100 adaptive Industrial Ethernet interfaces, eight serial communication interfaces (2 RS232/6 RS485), customizable WIFI/4G, 8 DI and 4 DO, large capacity SD memory card interfaces, built-in RTC, buzzer and so on.

Users provide powerful communication modes. The standard 19 inch 1U height chassis is rugged and durable, and easy to install. Embedded 256MB DDR3 SDRAM and 256M Flash memory, abundant communication ports are very suitable for power environment monitoring, energy storage system energy management and other applications in communication room.

Product specification
Power supplyInput voltage AC220V
Power consumption less than 19W
IO Channels8-way input, support predestined (12V) and no- predestined input, 4-way output
KeyThe 1FUN key is used to restore the default IP address
Peripheral Interface1 USB HOST, 1 SD card slot
Communication serial portSix isolated RS485 interfaces, using three-level protection, supporting 4KV protection in GB/T 17626.5- 2008 standard
Two Circles Isolated RS232
Two 100M/10M Ethernet Interfaces
Mesh portSupport embedded WEB, no need to install any software to browse monitoring data
Wireless configurableWifiCompatibility standard 802.11a/b/g, radio frequency type DSSS/CCK/OFDM
4G all NetcomFour-band TDD-LTE and three-band FDD-LTE
GPRSFour frequency 850/900/1800/1900, Class~12
CPUMain frequency 600MHZ, CORTEX-A8 processor
Computing resourceMemory, FLASHThe default memory is 256M. FLASH 256M, other
capacity configurable
Work environmentworking temperature-10℃ ~50℃
Working humidity10~90%RH
Storage temperature-30℃ ~70℃
atmospheric pressure70-106Kpa
Appearance structurestructureHigh quality aluminium alloy
Product size440mmx280mmx44mm(LxWxH)
Installation modeInstallation of front panel or rear panel rack

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