Things You Should Know About Solar Hybrid Inverter

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With the advancement in solar hybrid technology, solar hybrid inverters are increasing daily. If you select a solar inverter, you will see a huge inventory differentiating in size, performance, and efficiency. You might get confused about which one is suitable for your house or business area.

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People often talk about the integration of a battery in the home energy storage system. Such battery integration is a true example of hybrid inverter installation. In this blog post, we will discuss the types and advantages of using an inverter.

What are Solar Hybrid Inverters?

The inverters are devices used to combine electricity grid, batteries, and solar energy produced by panels. You can use such hybrid inverter installations for many purposes. The best hybrid solar inverter works by converting solar panels’ DC to AC for domestic purposes. Feel free to integrate the conventional electricity grid into the solar system to fulfill the needs of domestic electricity consumption.

How does a Solar Hybrid Inverter Work?

All solar inverters work on the principle of the photovoltaic principle. Your hybrid inverter will generate direct current due to the incident photons falling on the surface of the solar panel. The amount of DC energy your solar inverter generates depends upon the intensity of solar radiation.

After generation of DC, it’s fed back to the charge controller to regulate the battery power supply. This current will again be converted into usable AC transferred for consumption via wires. When your solar battery gets charged, it stores surplus energy in connected utility grids. The  inverters will use this stored energy at night or on a non-sunny day.

Advantages of Solar Hybrid Inverter

Here are some of the key advantages of using an off-grid hybrid solar inverter.

Constant Power Supply

Hybrid inverters facilitate uninterrupted power supply. Even in the case of an electricity outage, your inverters provides power backup.

Optimal Usage of Renewable Resources

Whenever a battery is integrated with a hybrid inverter, it ensures the provision of maximum energy from solar radiation. Doing so will save non-renewable resources in the ecosystem.

Needs Less Maintenance

Unlike traditional batteries using fuels, you don’t need to provide maintenance services to hybrid inverters. It depicts that the hybrid solar inverter price is economical in the long run.

Types of the Inverters

The following are some major types of solar inverters:

1- String Inverters

In this hybrid inverter, various strings from different solar panels get fastened to the inverter to produce DC. If you use a solar roof system, you only need two string inverters. Choose this affordable solar inverter to make your household electric consumption budget-friendly.

2- Microinverters

Micro Inverters are efficient in optimizing current in the module level of every panel to transfer DC into AC. It’s the best inverters for domestic purposes.

Concluding Remarks!

Above all, an inverter is an efficient system for converting DC to AC. Make more out of your inverter and use the power supply for the long term. Enjoy using a durable power supply even in the current shortage. Check out our range of solar hybrid inverters.

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